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About Us

Founded in 1968, Grande São Paulo Turismo was a pioneering travel agency in Brazil. After just two years of operations, the agency was accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to issue its own airline tickets.

In 1991, in an effort to provide better quality and faster service to customers, the agency’s offices were automated using the Sabre reservations system.

The leisure travel area at GSP expanded in 2004 with the agency joining the select group that holds the Virtuoso seal, a rigorous American luxury travel association.

In 2017, GSP overhauled its identity, including a new website and new visual communications. This was a response to the natural growth in its corporate culture, influenced by new demands resulting from technological innovation and changes in the behavior of travelers, who now seek increasingly authentic, transformative and customized experiences. GSP Travel and its team offer a balance between a nearly 50-year tradition in the market and the modernity that is expected of a company that deftly renews itself.

GSP Travel. #VIP Yourself.




Born just one year before GSP Travel was founded, Ilan Wallach was predestined for the world of tourism. Used to travelling and observing his father’s routine, it was inevitable that he would inherit a passion for the tourism market.

A perfectionist, creative and a strategist, as a professional Ilan looks ahead of his time while also keeping his feet on the ground – unless he is on a surf board.

Passionate about water sports and exotic landscapes, Ilan is an aficionado of adventures and is always looking for what’s new. Even so, he maintains the tradition built by his father and is known to gather loved ones for a good time together on a family cruise. This is an act that reaffirms the values he was given and honors his father’s advice, which is a motto for his life:

“Travel as a family, enjoy as a family, have fun as a family. But allow yourself a solo trip, since this is the most effective way to know oneself.” Ilan sees the importance of simple things and, most of all, of the relief of feeling that you are in the right place at the right time. And this is the feeling he is looking to provide each of his customers.

For him, there is nowhere in the world that is the same for everyone, and GSP Travel’s mission is to make each person find what is best for them.

“The dream trip is always your next trip. After we fulfill our dream, another one is born for us to keep alive!”



Having received a degree in Hospitality in 1993, Rogê David showed a passion for the world of tourism far before college. When he was a child, he loved to collect airline tickets and imagine trips. His fantasy became a reality after a casual chat in an elevator with Ilan Wallach, who was not only his neighbor since he was a child, but also the son of the founder of GSP Travel.

Rogê started at the company in 1991, when he was just 18, and went through every area imaginable before becoming Ilan’s partner after six months. From that moment on, he witnessed and was a fundamental part of the various changes at the agency. From moving the location of the agency’s offices from Barão de Itapetininga to Brigadeiro Faria Lima to its joining the Virtuoso association in 2004.

Named Most Innovative Travel Designer by Virtuoso in 2017, Rogê loves the world and its contrasts. His taste for tourism ranges from safaris to major cities, but his preference for Africa is obvious when he discusses the country and the warm welcome the Africans have given him every time he has visited the continent.
“One of the most fascinating things to me in this profession is that I learn every day. No day is like another, because that is the world! The world is boundless. The world is dynamic.”

For him, luxury is being at the right place, with the right person, at the right time. That is why he places great value on peaceful moments spent fishing and loves to welcome family and friends for a good churrasco to the sounds of samba.

Extroverted and good-natured, Rogê is demanding and perfectionist enough to put himself in the customer’s place, meeting every need and providing satisfaction before, during and after the trip of their dreams.




Born in Israel, Jacques Wallach began working as a young man at the Port of Haifa. There, he came in touch with many nationalities and he built a cosmopolitan identity along with a love for travel thanks to his father, who was a Greco-Roman wrestling champ . The trailblazing DNA he inherited from his dad grew stronger in the 1950s when he was living in New York. In the 1960s, Wallach was convinced by his in-laws that Brazil was the country of the future and he decided to try his luck. A pioneer from the time he landed in the tropics, Jacques began working in the car rental market; but, in 1968 his passion for the world of travel, along with his entrepreneurial spirit, culminated in the founding of one of Brazil’s most successful tourism agencies: Grande São Paulo Turismo.

For many years, Jacques ran the agency with a great deal of energy, ethics and wisdom. His love for the area was what inspired Ilan, his youngest child, who began working at GSP when he was 16. Over time and with the changes in the market, Jacques began to leave GSP in Ilan’s hands. The only thing his father asked was that his successor find a good partner with whom he could share his work, allowing him to spend more time with his family. It was Wallach who suggested Ilan partner with Rogê David, for whom he held in great esteem and in whose character and ability he fully trusted.

In addition to a company that strives for the complete satisfaction and happiness of its travelers, Jacques left a legacy of love and dedication to family.


We are specialists in making dreams come true. We have been working in the Brazilian market for nearly half a century, building a solid network of international contacts and acquiring vast experience so that you can make your travel dream a reality in a surprising way. And we continue to learn!

Preparing for a trip is full of details and everything has to be perfect! We will be at your disposal during the entire experience. Much more than planning, service is provided during the trip and after your return. We have thought of every detail so there are no unforeseen events. Yet at any sign of an emergency, travelers can rely on our 24-hour service.

The world's countless destinations and all of the diversity of trips, their different motivations and, of course, the dreams of each of our customers are our inspiration for creating memorable experiences. There are so many possibilities, so many discoveries, that we can hardly wait to plan the best trips.

New technologies allow us to travel more and more, but they are no replacement for the human factor in planning a great experience. At GSP, we use the best technological tools available, with an experienced and worldly team that is equipped to plan the trip of your dreams providing intense personal dedication to travelers.

Originality and exclusivity are key words in our day-to-day. We are constantly searching for new places, new destinations and more and more extraordinary experiences to enjoy in great style. We believe that in addition to recharging our batteries, reconnecting with those we love and providing ourselves with new findings, travel should be transformative, memorable and filled with discoveries.

Each person has a specific reason for travelling and each destination offers a unique experience for every preference and situation. That is why we believe that each trip should be planned with the utmost flexibility and adaptation. This is the Tailor Made concept, our paradigm. Each experience is unique!

Our concerns go beyond the basic aspects of a regular trip. We want our customers to have memorable experiences; each detail counts and we make this a point. That is why we never hesitate to prepare great surprises to make your trip even more special. This is the GSP Travel way to travel. VIP Yourself.